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Fit therapeutic elastic stockings (TEK)

Skin Therapist NL is the right place for fitting therapeutic elastic stockings, also known as support stockings. In addition, we also offer various options for measuring compression bandages. The stockings and bandages ensure that the reduction of edema is maintained, but can also be used preventively. The dressings and therapeutic elastic stockings are used, among other things, in lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, wound rose, varicose veins, open leg, standing / sitting professions and pregnancy.

Behandelingen Therapeutisch Elastische Kousen (tek) Steunkousen


It is important that the stockings are measured on a leg or arm that does not contain edema / moisture. If edema is involved, it is necessary to first start bandaging and / or supplementary edema therapy.

During the intake interview, the skin therapist will assess whether stockings can be measured immediately.

First consultation free and without obligation

The first appointment is free and without obligation. During the first appointment, the intake, we go through your details and relevant medical history with you. Here we look at whether there may be a (relative) contra-indication, which means that fitting may not be an option.

When fitting is an option, the stockings will be measured immediately. There is a choice from a wide range of stockings and bandages.

Reimbursement by health insurers

For the fitting of therapeutically elastic stockings, a referral from your doctor / medical specialist is always required. Even if you have had stockings changed elsewhere in the past, we need a referral again.

Depending on your health insurer you are entitled to two pairs / pairs of therapeutically elastic stockings per 12 months or per 14 months.

Consult your health insurers if you want to know more about the reimbursement, this can sometimes differ per health insurance. The reimbursement takes place from your basic insurance. Please take into account the deductible.

The Huidtherapeut NL practices have contracts with all health insurers.

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