Superficial varicose veins

Varicose veins are veins in the legs that expand and become visible through the skin. There are different types of varicose veins such as superficial varicose veins and deeper varicose veins.

Superficial varicose veins

Superficial varicose veins are the small red or purple vessels that develop on the legs as one ages. They are also called “Broom Gray Varices”. The vessels can sometimes cause itching or pain. Often the skin is also sensitive and in some cases they can bleed more easily. The superficial varicose veins are often cosmetically disturbing.

Deeper varicose veins

Deeper varicose veins are dark blue in color, later these deeper veins can also lie more on the skin. The deeper located varicose veins often cause more complaints such as pain, tired legs, etc. In addition, the complaints often increase with age.

What is the cause of varicose veins?

As we age going veins expand. This creates the superficial veins. In addition, as one gets older, the blood is drained less well through the valves in the veins, as a result of which more blood accumulates in the legs.

How can you treat varicose veins?

Only the superficial small varicose veins can be treated by a skin therapist. These can be treated by coagulation. This is done by means of a laser treatment. A beam of light is placed on the skin during the laser treatment. The light is absorbed by the superficial varicose veins and converted into heat. This will cause the blood in the vessels to clot. Finally, the clotted vessel is cleared away by the body. Larger and deeper varicose veins can only be treated by a doctor.

When treating varicose veins, it is often advisable to wear therapeutic elastic stockings. This stimulates the drainage of the blood vessels and will reduce complaints such as pain, etc. The stockings also ensure that new superficial varicose veins are less likely to develop.

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