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Vraag of afspraak maken?

Wound care

You can go to Skin Therapist NL for wound treatment. The practices work closely with GPs, specialists and home care. An ulcer cruris (open leg) often occurs on the lower legs. It is important that an open wound heals as soon as possible to prevent infections and further damage.

There are several causes that can cause an open leg. However, there is almost always a vascular problem and edema. An open wound is therefore often an indication that needs a lot of attention and care from multiple disciplines.

Treatment of wounds

Treatment consists of taking care of the wound, applying edema therapy by bandaging and measuring / supplying bandages. At a later stage when the wound has healed, therapeutic elastic stockings can be fitted.

First consultation free and without obligation

The first appointment is free and without obligation. During the first appointment, the intake, we go through your details and relevant medical history with you. Here we look at whether there may be a (relative) contraindication, so that treatment may not be an option.
We also look closely at the skin and then draw up an individual treatment plan based on this skin analysis. You will receive information about the treatment and advice.

Reimbursement by health insurers

To be eligible for reimbursement you need a referral from your general practitioner or specialist. If there is no chronic indication, you can use your additional package.

When there is a chronic indication, the first 20 treatments are removed from the supplementary package. After the first 20 treatments, the reimbursement will be transferred to the basic package under a chronic code. The deductible applies annually.

During an intake interview, we look at the reimbursement, insurance and the (chronic) indication.

Please note: the level of the supplementary reimbursement varies per insurance package and a referral from a general practitioner or specialist is mandatory.

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