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Fibroids (warts)

Fibroids, also known as wild meat or warts, are benign, small growths on the skin that are made up of connective tissue and are often skin-colored or light brown.

Fibroids occur in a large part of the population. The spots often increase in number over the years. Unfortunately they cannot be prevented.
The fibroids often arise in places where there is a lot of friction such as:

  • armpits
  • neck
  • eyelids
  • under the breasts
  • groin

The fibroids are benign. This means that they do not have to be removed immediately. However, it is often cosmetically disturbing and people therefore want to have it treated.

When there are larger fibroids in large numbers, it is sometimes recommended to have further research into the glucose tolerance in a doctor.

How can you treat warts?

The skin therapist can remove fibroids by cryotherapy (cold) or coagulation therapy (heat). Sometimes they can also be cut when there is a clear stem on the fibroma. Depending on what the spot looks like and how many spots it is, a choice will be made for the best treatment method.

A pain sensation can be experienced during all treatment methods, but it is short-lived. After the treatment, a small crust will appear where the fibroma was. This scab will heal on its own.

If you are sensitive to getting fibroids, it is possible that new spots will arise again. Unfortunately, you cannot do much about the fact that they arise. You can ensure that they are treated as soon as possible so that they do not get bigger (and possibly more cosmetically disturbing).

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