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Coagulation is the removal of small and benign skin imperfections. There are various treatment indications, including small vessels / spider nevus, stalks of warts, old age warts, hyperpigmentation, dermatosis papulosa nigra and xanthelasma.

Treatment options

At Huidtherapeut NL, different treatment techniques are used.


Hereby the barrel / wart is touched with a small needle. The current that comes through the needle on the skin causes the proteins in the keg / wart to heat up. The proteins expand and become firm in structure. Because of this they block the blood supply and the vessel dies. The barrel is cleared by the body within 6 weeks. The wart falls off after an average of 1 week and is treated with this.

Coagulation by means of Caulking pen

This method is only used for warts. The iron wire of the marker burns away the wart and closes the blood vessels to it. The wart is removed immediately and a scab remains after treatment, which often heals within 1 to 2 weeks.

Coagulation by means of vascular laser

This method is only used for vascular abnormalities. The laser brings heat into the skin, causing the proteins in the vessel to expand and become more firm in structure. With this they block the blood flow to the relevant vessel and this dies. The barrel is cleared by the body within 6 weeks.

Coagulation by means of CryoPen

This method is used with all types of warts and some pigmentation spots. Here, just like with nitrogen, the wart / pigment spot is frozen. The treated wart will turn white / gray in color and will fall off after a few days. The pigment spot turns dark, forms a crust and falls off after a few days.

Results coagulation

First consultation free and without obligation

The first appointment is free and without obligation. During the first appointment, the intake, we go through your details and relevant medical history with you. Here we look at whether there may be a (relative) contraindication, so that treatment may not be an option.
We also look closely at the skin and then draw up an individual treatment plan based on this skin analysis. You will receive information about the treatment and advice.

Reimbursement by health insurers

The reimbursement depends on the type of treatment and the insurance. In many cases you must have additional insurance to be eligible for reimbursement. Sometimes a referral from your general practitioner or specialist is required to qualify for the reimbursement.

Acne therapy, camouflage therapy, laser hair removal and edema therapy are (partly) reimbursed by most insurance companies. Ask your skin therapist for advice if you are unsure whether a certain treatment is reimbursed.

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