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Piriformis syndrome

Compression of the sciatic nerve

A piriformis syndrome is characterized by stabbing pain in the buttock region which can radiate to the leg. This picture arises because the nerve (sciatic nerve) becomes irritated / pinched. This nerve runs from the back via the buttock region to the leg. In the gluteal region, the nerve runs through several deep gluteal muscles, including the piriformis muscle. When this muscle is affected, it can press on the nerve causing the complaints.

Symptoms consistent with a piriformis syndrome

  • pain in the buttock region
  • pressure pain in the middle of the buttock region
  • radiating pain to the leg
  • pain gets worse after sitting, cycling, walking and/or running for a long time
  • pain decreases in supine position
  • often one-sided but can also arise on both sides at the same time
  • no back pain

Cause of a piriformis syndrome

There could be several reasons for this image. The image can be caused by a thickening, shortening or tension of the muscle. This can be caused by, for example, overload, a fall or position deviation. It is also possible that the complaint is caused by an anatomical abnormality in the course of the nerve through which it runs through, between, above or below the piriformis muscle. Edema, adhesions and scar tissue can also be causes but are less common than the above causes.

How can you treat piriformis syndrome?

At Skin Therapist NL Almere, the physiotherapist can conduct an examination to make the diagnosis and to draw up a treatment. By means of physiotherapy, the muscle tension can be influenced in order to reduce the pain. Then exercise therapy can be started to strengthen the (surrounding) muscles and hopefully prevent a recurrence.

If physiotherapy is not effective enough, the physiotherapist at Huidtherapeut NL Almere can guide you in looking for other/additional options.

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