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Camouflage therapy

Camouflage therapy is a treatment that fades a discolouration of the skin or a scar with the help of skin treatments or camouflaging creams.

Behandelingen Camouflagetherapie Lira Derma Color

Treatment options

In the practices of Huidtherapeut NL, two types of camouflage creams are offered: Dermacolor and Lira BB cream.


This camouflage cream has been specially developed to camouflage color deviations of the skin, scars and tattoos. The cream is easy to apply, is water and wipe-resistant, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types

Lira Clinical BB cream

Lira BB cream This camouflage is on a foundation basis. It is a very light and breathable camouflage cream. The product is suitable for camouflage freckles, redness and superficial scars. The cream contains an SPF30 and skin-repairing ingredients, making the cream also suitable for applying after acne or laser treatment.

In addition, Huidtherapeut NL also looks at treatments that can remedy the color deviation such as Chemical Peelings and Pigment Laser.

Chemische peelings

A chemical peel causes peeling of the epidermis. This removes the upper skin layer (in the correct manner). Skin renewal, new cell and collagen production are stimulated by this. The degree of flaking depends on the type and strength of the chemical peel.

Laser Pigmentation Removal

The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the pigment spot. This pigment spot will therefore temporarily darken. Inside the pigment spot, the pigment chains are broken and the skin gradually cleans up the pigment.

Result Camouflage therapy

Eerste consult

Tijdens de eerste afspraak, de intake, nemen we uw gegevens en relevante medische geschiedenis met u door. Hierbij kijken we of er misschien sprake is van (relatieve) contra-indicatie, waardoor een behandeling mogelijk geen optie is.
We kijken ook goed naar de huid en stellen aan de hand van deze huidanalyse vervolgens een individueel behandelplan op . U krijgt informatie over de behandeling en een advies mee.

Reimbursements by health insurers

Acne therapy, camouflage therapy, laser hair removal and edema therapy are (partially) reimbursed by most insurance companies. Ask your skin therapist for advice if you are unsure whether a certain treatment is reimbursed.


Camouflage therapy

  • Pigment laser treatment small area from €77
  • Pigment laser treatment medium area from €94
  • Pigment laser treatment large area from €116

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