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What is Couperose?

Couperose (vessels) are visible dilated vessels that mainly occur on the cheeks, nose and chin. These vessels usually develop with age. Because the superficial vessels are dilated, a red color is visible. This makes it appear that people with couperose have a red blush on the cheeks.

The rosacea can cause various complaints. In addition to the cosmetic aspect, the skin can also sometimes feel warm, itchy and sensitive.

People who suffer from couperose are often constantly aware of their skin.

Couperosis is a benign condition and therefore does not necessarily need to be treated. However, it is often cosmetically disturbing and people have been struggling with worsening complaints for a long time. This is the reason that people have the vessels treated.

What are the causes of Couperose?

Couperose can be caused by Rosacea. Factors that trigger rosacea are:

  • Heredity
  • A lot of exposure to UV light
  • Light skin type

It is important to use good sun protection when there is couperose. Because the skin is a lot more sensitive, it is also more sensitive to sunlight and therefore burning. If the skin is damaged, the rosacea can worsen again. That is why it is important to apply the face every day with a minimum of factor 30.

Other types of vessels

Spider Naevi

A Spider Naevi is also known as a spider’s head. It is a small spider on vessels that mainly occurs on the face. Because the vessels are dilated, a red spot is visible. Spider nevi usually develop after puberty.

Cherry angioma

A Cherry Angioma is a red, clear bump containing an accumulation of blood. Like Spider Naevi, these usually arise after puberty.

How can you treat Couperose?

All redness caused by dilated arteries in the face can be treated by the skin therapist through Coagulation Therapy.

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