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Huidtherapeut NL


Huidtherapeut NL was created after bringing skin therapy practices together in Gorinchem, Nijkerk, Amsterdam, Sliedrecht, Leiden, Bleiswijk, Rotterdam,  Weeps and Zoetermeer.

Our goal is to build a network of skin and edema therapy practices, where treatments of consistent quality and expertise are performed by our team of HBO trained and BIG registered skin therapists.

Accredited profession

Skin therapy has been a recognized paramedical profession since 2003. The title skin therapist is a protected title, laid down in the Individual Health Care Professions Act (BIG Act, Article 34). The skin therapist treats the sick or damaged skin, often on referral from the doctor or specialist. The aim of the treatment is to eliminate, reduce or prevent a disorder or limitation due to a skin condition.

The skin therapists of Huidtherapeut NL are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) and are registered in the Paramedics Quality Register.

Our practices

The practices offer specialized skin therapy treatment based on the needs of patients. The practices work together with other healthcare institutions and social organizations. This means that the patient is treated as optimally as possible.

Practice stands for implementation of treatments with respect, expertise, involvement and attention for the individual and his environment. Our vision and method are based on the following principles:

  • Qualitative and constant treatments
  • Communicative work: treatment in consultation with the patient
  • Guarantee patient satisfaction
  • Inform well
  • Intercultural care: accessible to all clients, regardless of cultural background
  • Collaboration with doctors and specialists (for example general practitioners and dermatologists)
  • Good cooperation within the organization between skin therapists and practice assistants
  • Continuity of practice
  • New and innovative treatments and equipment
  • Professional developments of the practitioners
  • Give back to the environment