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Most complete edema therapy in the Diemen region

Behandelingen Oedeemtherapie

Within each edema therapy treatment we can apply different treatment options. We are proud to say that this allows us to offer the most complete edema therapy in Diemen and surrounding areas.

When a client comes for the first time, we draw up an individual treatment plan together with the client. Here we explain the options to the client. Initially, we start with one treatment option (for example, manual lymphatic drainage) and build up the intensity of the treatments as a client becomes more accustomed.

We then apply various treatment options to achieve the best result.

The different treatment options for edema therapy are:

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manually stimulate the absorption and transport of the lymph fluid through a massage technique


Endermology is a therapy that is performed with an LPG device. The LPG device treats the skin and underlying tissue. This is done with a number of cylinders that lift and unroll the skin. This promotes blood flow, stimulates lymph drainage and softens fibrotic, scarred and other hardened tissue.

Lymph taping

Lymph tape is a skin-friendly tape that remains on the skin between treatments. With every movement, the lymph tape stimulates fluid drainage and relaxes fibrosis, scars and other hardened tissue. We have a skin-friendly tape that can also be used on skin that has an allergic reaction to plasters.

Lymphatic Pads

These are textured pads that work under the pressure of a bra or can be applied under a bandage. The lympha pads provide massage in the tissue during movement. This transports the lymph fluid and relaxes fibrosis, scars and other hardened tissue.

Exercise advice / physiotherapy

If a client has reduced mobility, which we often see in physiotherapy in the armpit area with (ex) breast cancer clients, we can offer several therapies. Possible therapies are, for example, mobilization of the shoulder joint, influencing muscle tone by means of. stretching/massage, relaxing the connective tissue and giving movement exercises. The physiotherapist can also help increase the load capacity through exercise therapy, which can also have a beneficial effect on cognitive functions. When a client starts or stays in motion at home, the result of our edema therapy is stimulated.


We use ambulatory compression therapy when size reduction is required. Thanks to our training and experience, we can adjust the bandaging method for each client for the best result.

Wound care

When a client has wounds, in combination with edema, we treat both the wound and the edema in the same treatment. We do this by taking care of the wound, applying ambulatory compression therapy and possibly using the lymphapress.

Fitting an inelastic / compression bandage

These are bandages with Velcro that are attached to a stocking compression bandage. This can be used for someone who needs to be bandaged with difficulty or for a long time. Indications are chronic venous disorders, venous, stagnant ulcers and lymphedema.

Measure compression stockings

The fitting of compression stockings can be done, for example, after ACT or to prevent poverty after an axillary lymph node dissection. We have access to order any desired stocking.

The new treatment method: the Lymphapress

To strengthen our treatment package of edema therapy and make it more complete, we have introduced the lymphapress in our practice. We have a lymphapress with an attachment for the arms, legs and trunk.

For which indications is the lymphapress suitable?

It is an important and very strong addition to general edema therapy in primary and secondary lymphedema (after oncological operations, vascular operations and other traumas), venous edema and lipedema. It accelerates the removal of moisture and eases fibrosis in a way that feels pleasant and relaxing for the patient. The treatment with the lymphapress falls under edema therapy and is also reimbursed as such*.

*The 1st 20 treatments are removed from the additional package. Please note: the amount of the additional reimbursement varies per insurance package. After the 1st 20th treatment the reimbursement is transferred to the basic package under a chronic code. The deductible applies annually.