Melanie van der Hoff

Huidtherapeut Melanie

From an early age I have been very interested in the skin. What causes some people to have problem skin, and what can be done about it? I have had many problems with my skin in the past, so I have a good understanding of how patients feel. I think it is very important to advise people well in treatments and products. Certainly because I have experienced that there is so much choice on the current market that it sometimes becomes too much for you. After my training in skin therapy at Hogeschool Utrecht, I immediately started working at Skin Therapist NL. I really enjoy practicing both the cosmetic and medical side of the profession. The variety ensures that I keep developing myself.

Naast huid-en oedeemtherapeut is Melanie ook Lira Clinical trainer en verzorgd ze beginners en gevorderde peeling trainingen.

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