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Vraag of afspraak maken?

Andrea Bandstra

Huidtherapeut Lauren

In high school I had a lot of problems with a combination of acne and eczema, especially in my face. After I went to the doctor and dermatologist, I was referred to a skin therapist. In this way I got acquainted with the profession. Because I was a patient myself, I felt how grateful I was that a skin therapist could help me with my skin problems. The combination of treating people with a skin problem and learning the medical background appealed to me. This made me decide to do the training myself.

I graduated as a skin therapist at the Hogeschool van Utrecht. After the four-year study, I first took the time to travel the world with my friend. After a year I came back to finally put into practice my skills I learned during my studies with a lot of motivation. I work in the branch in Weesp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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