Lauren van der Schuur

Huidtherapeut Lauren

My name is Lauren van der Schuur and I graduated as a skin therapist at the Hogeschool Utrecht. After my internship at Skin Therapist NL I was offered a job at Skin Therapist NL. An opportunity I took with both hands!

My choice of study was made quickly, because I find the combination of the human body and skin disorders very interesting. In addition, skin therapy has both a medical and cosmetic aspect, which makes it a very varied field. The best thing about my job is that our treatments contribute to improving the quality of life. Often we also consult with other (para) doctors such as general practitioners, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, in order to offer the patient the most optimal treatment. When I am told after a treatment that someone has successfully performed an activity they have been unable to do for a long time, or if someone’s visible skin condition has decreased to such an extent that they are confidently back on the street, my mission has been successful. That’s what I do it for!

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