You have a complaint
From 1 January 2017, the rules for submitting a complaint about your care provider have been changed. If you have a complaint about the care provided by your practitioner, you can contact the Complaints Desk Paramedics. Skin care net is connected. A complaint can relate to the care provided, but also to the service or organization of the practice. For example, you might feel that you were insufficiently informed and / or that the treatment did not go as expected or agreed.
Your healthcare provider has informed you via the site or in practice what you can do if you are dissatisfied with the care provided. It also indicates which procedure applies if you want to make your complaint negotiable.
The first step
The first step is to have a conversation with your therapist. It is quite possible that your practitioner does not realize that you are dissatisfied and about what. There may be a misunderstanding. Often such a conversation already leads to a solution.
Complaint procedure
It may be that a conversation offers no or insufficient solution. Or there is a good reason for not having a conversation. Then you can use the complaints procedure. The Complaints and Disputes Regulation Paramedics offers you an independent complaints officer. Via the website of the Paramedics Complaints Desk you will find a simple form and further explanation to submit your complaint. If you have further questions or do not agree, it is possible to approach the complaints desk by e-mail or telephone.
For questions or more information:
Complaints desk Paramedics
t: 030 310 09 29 (available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12.30 pm)
The independent complaints officer reviews your complaint, gives advice on how to file a complaint, helps you formulate it and looks for a solution. You will receive a response from the complaints officer about your submitted complaint within two weeks. The complaints officer will also contact the care provider involved. At the latest within 6 weeks the care provider will have to state his / her reaction / solution about the complaint made.
Disputes committee
If the solution offered or the manner in which the complaint is handled is unsatisfactory to you, you can go to the Disputes Committee. It is headed by an independent chairman. The committee is still trying to find a solution. A decision by the Disputes Committee is binding, both for the care provider and for you. In certain cases, the committee can award compensation. Submitting a dispute is also via the website of the Paramedici Complaints Desk, where you will find a simple form and further explanation.
Submitting a complaint will not cost you anything. Do you want a judgment from the disputes committee? Then you pay 50 euro court fees as compensation for the costs. If you also claim compensation, this is 100 euros. You must pay these costs regardless of whether or not you are successful. In exceptional cases, the committee may cancel the obligation to make a contribution.
If you do not agree with this regulation, you are of course free to start legal proceedings in order to reach a decision by the civil court. Consider, however, whether you are best helped with this.
Here you will find the regulations for complaint handling of paramedics and the regulations of the Disputes Committee for Paramedics.